1524 Shoulda.


If this text is here when the comic goes live then I am still out driving with the teen, possibly teaching her.

The kid needs to learn to drive. She needs to learn so much now that the idea of learning to drive my truck doesn’t cause screams of frustration anymore. That said, I still can’t tolerate heat for long periods of time, so it has to be done as temperature permits. She was too sleepy to try anything tonight, and we had other goals that superseded driving lessons. I wanted to have the page up just in case. usually IO write the post just before it goes live, but couldn’t tonight.

I have talked to so may women about bras in the last two weeks I’m finally sick of it. Today with the teen and her opinions about what bras should be used for finally tipped me over the edge. She wants cleavage enhancing bras for all occasions basically and anything that doesn’t do that is for old people. I tried to make a reasoned argument for everyday bras, but finally decided I was out of my depth and gave up. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with them. Just dealing with them in and advisory position is exhausting.