1523 Advantage.


It’s just possible that Reggie wanted to be assistant manager.

I did a lot of Patreon sketches this weekend. If you’re still waiting for one I’m on the case.

The other week Lego Dimensions was 75% off om Amazon, so I picked it up. I already had gotten the Ghostbusters and Doctor Who extras on sale, just because I wanted the figures and parts, so I had more than enough to play. I have to say, it’s a fun game. The creators really do their homework. After you complete the Doctor Who level he gains the ability to regenerate into any of his past selves. They all have little clips of audio from the series they say from time to time. You can also go into the Tardis and it changes to match each Doctor. The first two are even in black and white. XD Unfortunately, regenerating over and over often causes the game to crash and you have to unplug the system. In fact the game crashes more than any game I’ve had in ten years. Oh, I also got the Back to The Future ones and Wonder Woman. Anyway, I’ve played as Wonder Woman most of all because she has the best powers for general use. When she flies it plays her old TV theme, which is brilliant.
The Ghostbuster levels are great and the mechanic of dimensional travel has allowed me to prove a theory I’ve had for a long time. Any task is more fun if you have a proton pack available to you. I’ve left a trail of destruction in that game the likes of which is rarely seen via that weapon. Also, the ghost catching mechanic feels right. If they made just a ghostbusters game of lego, with these control and whatnot, I’d have to get it. It’s more fun in many ways than the actual ghostbusters game we got before Harold Ramis died.
The Lego people absolutely nail certain things about the characters they use. The Tardis, for example, flies EXACTLY how it looks on the show, which is poorly. It’s fast as fuck, but goes out of control easily and can’t handle for shit. It looks perfect when it moves though. It’s no wonder the Doctor can’t fly the fucking thing very well though.
Anyway, at some point, when the game is in the bargain bin, if you like any of those 80s movie properties or Doctor Who, it would be worth checking out. The gameplay is essentially identical to any other Lego game, but I enjoyed myself because there were franchises involved I cared about.
I really want to take the portal apart and use it to make a car, or something. Lego never gives you car parts in those colors. They’re stuck on red, yellow, and orange it seems like.
My fear with this game is that the Lego figures for it will keep going up in price and I wont be able to get random ones if I decide I want them later. So far I got everything at 50% off or less, but the portal level is already higher than shelf price online. So it looks like the pricing is a combination of regular toy after market pricing and after market Lego pricing, which is the worst combination I’ve ever seen.
Did you know people actually invest in Lego sets because they increase in value better than gold? That’s a real thing. I heard it on an honest to god financial show. Most sets at least double in price after they are discontinued. Like the rarest ones go way higher. Like the little known ones they did for the Last Airbender. Look them up sometime. It’s crazy.