1491 Duplocity.


That’s right, I made a Lego joke. I REGRET NOTHING. I actually took a second to decide if enough of the world would know what Lego and Duplo are. Then I laughed in my own stupid, fat, face. OF COURSE THEY DO, IT”S FUCKING LEGO!

Weird thought, I just realized that my aunt and uncle are the sad, futureless, teens that Bruce Springsteen always sang about. One set of them anyway…

So yeah, this ended a couple of different ways before I thought of the Lego thing. I went with it because I like Legos, and sometimes I make these just for me… All the time really. Let’s be honest, I made this for a really narrow group of people. That probably explains why the small group of patreon supporters are so extremely loyal.

An old friend’s mom just died, so I’m going back to my old town to see him. He’s been living up north for a long time. Probably haven’t seen him for 15 years at least, maybe more. As long as I pay attention to my fluids, and get enough rest I should be fine. I’ll only be able to stay for a short time, but who knows when we’ll cross paths again, you know? Death is one of those few things in our world that gives busy people a tiny bit of leeway.

Many years before it was common, he met his wife on Everquest, I think it was. After a while he pulled up stakes and moved up north. Of course his father in law was a big man in Japanese banking, so he also went to Hawaii at one point. I can’t remember if he ever made it to Japan. Hawaii is kind of like Japan light, so if you can only go to one Hawaii isn’t so bad. You get the added bonus of visiting a state that’s pretty mad about getting conquered and hosed by America. Kind of like a floating Texas.

Honestly I don’t know what the whole thing is with Hawaii. I’ve just heard and read some stuff from… Native Hawaiians? Is that a thing? I don’t know what the terminology is. People descended from the people who were there before America put it on its xmas list? Anyway, I know there’s some stuff we still need to talk through going on out that way.