1492 Manifestation.


Jo’s little flashes of brilliance are fun. Like watching the sparks just before a firework dashes into the sky. She’s got so many words in her head it’s a wonder they aren’t spilling out all the time.

Well, today was very tiring, but I got to see that friend I mentioned. Time may as well have not passed at all. It was like picking up right where we left off almost two decades ago. That’s been my experience with my good friends. Distance may separate us, but it doesn’t really. That said, its a shame he doesn’t live closer. XD

I did pretty well as far as staying mobile. Didn’t have to pack it in for a long time. As long as I kept cool I was fine, but it was a relatively warm day and it took its toll. Still, it’s encouraging to think that I’m
getting back to normal bit by bit. I lost a little more weight this week, which is just that much less strain on my body. Anyway, I’ll try to get the patreon story sorted by sunday, but I’m not sure if I can. I’m catching up, but I’m not quite on schedule yet.

Also, if you know any artists you might casually mention that March 20th is the tenth anniversary of the comic and my 40th birthday. Presents of all types will be warmly accepted. XD