1490 James Spurlock.


Mike is taking matters into his own hands. If this were a woodworking project there wouldn’t be any cause for concern…

I drew a lot of this in the truck while on the way to and from the doctor’s. The Surface has more than paid for itself in allowing me to continue my work. If you’re looking into a new portable computer I can recommend one with no hesitation. It’s not a perfect device, but what is? I can say that it allows you to actually do the work that the an ipad promises, but never seems capable of delivering. You can also upgrade your data storage with a memory card, unlike another tablet computer I will not mention. What I need for it is some kind of harness that I can fix to my old swing arm. That would bring it just that much closer to being perfect.

I slept in my bed last night, which always seems to result in a lot of back pain. If I don’t sleep on the floor I don’t get much support and the pain arises, but if I don’t sleep in the bed I don’t get as much sleep, so I have to make a guess about how much sleep versus rest I need for the next day. Sometimes my body makes the choice for me and things go awry. I ended up being so tired this morning that I fell asleep while working. I just sort of slowly slid sideways till I was sleeping on the carpet. This resulted in me choking awake twice, but not getting up either time. It also caused me to have a series of terror dreams that were trying to keep me from chocking in my sleep. I guess since I’m still here to tell the tale they succeeded on some level.

Unplanned sleep is a big problem with the breathing thing. It’s such a rigamarole to set the thing up if you’re naturally falling asleep the process fucks it all up. Like a fart during a romantic moment. Plus I need about twice as much tubing, because I flip completely over lengthwise several times a night. The hose needs to be long enough to go the length of my body, but it just isn’t quite. I have no idea if connecting two lengths of hose would have an effect on the function of the thing. Not that I have 2 lengths of hose, or a connector. I suspect I could improvise one.

I accidentally fucked up my beard, so I had to shave clean to fix it. I’ve been getting a better seal because of that, but still far from perfect. Today I looked like I was at death’s door when I got up. It was an hour or so before my face went back to normal. I feel like that’s not normal, but who knows?

If I use the Flonase it makes it so I can’t sleep right, but if I don’t my allergies make my nasal passages seal up. I’m not supposed to use other stuff because it lessens the effectiveness of my heart medicine. It’s a real bitch. The other pill they tried seemed to contribute to the whole xmas debacle. I need to tell the doctors not to put me on a bunch of new pills all at once because it’s really hard to figure out what’s causing what when you’ve suddenly created a new drug soup over a weekend. I’m thinking that I could go back to the higher dose of blood pressure medicine, but take the two halves in intervals, since all at once seems to trigger my weird episodes. I don’t know though.

You know what’s funny though? Ever since I got ambulanced to the hospital that time everyone in the doctor’s office knows my name without looking at anything. XD I guess that would leave an impression. I didn’t notice it right away. Also they all seem to know about my rules for drawing blood and stuff now. Just do it without telling me. If you want me I tense up, but if you just do it I hardly react at all. They also make every effort to ensure that I don’t see huge jars of my blood, although I still maintain that seeing the jar the one time didn’t cause the problem. I was already starting to lose it before that happened, and my blood was too thick to drain the way it was supposed to.

I’ve started to get over the really bad dizzy spells I was having. I’m pretty sure they were mostly allergy related and the nasal clense seems to be offsetting that. I also very rarely get sinus headaches now. Something is making my ears drain at random times, but I haven’t pinned down what thing is causeing it. I don’t particularly like when it happens, but it keeps me from falling over, so you just have to go with the lesser of two evils sometimes.

The Teen is finally coming to grips with the fact that she will be a for reals adult soon, and all her dicking around hasn’t helped her secure any useful life skills. I told her that I’d tried on numerous occasions but she chose not to listen. She seems to think that her family is going to support her desire to play all day every day forever, but I don’t think that’s a realistic way to look at things. Her sister is a barely functioning adult, and her brother can’t tolerate her… in general really. Basically she was the baby her whole life and this whole actually growing up thing is going to be a rude awakening. Maybe not as rude as before we had a hand in things, but it’s not going to be a fun ride. As far as me goes, I checked out a while ago. All these health problems totally ruined my ability to endure her. The constant screaming and pawing at me, with no concern for how anyone else feels, wore me to the nub. She’s got too much of her mother in her. I don’t know if any human has the ability to do anything for that problem, but I now know that I don’t. I helped as much as I could and most likely failed. Too much damage was done in her youth at just the right time I suspect. I just don’t know about that kid.