1489 Paladimwit.


Went to the doctor today. They drew a lot of blood and I’m super tired. If theres no other words here at midnight its because I fell asleep on the floor.

Well, I did fall asleep on the floor, but I set an alarm, so I woke up a minute ago.

The blood thing is because I have too much iron still in it. That’s because my c-pap is still wrong and not helping the way it should. which is because I can’t ditch my current provider until I change insurance. and even if I could it would be another 1000 dollars to do the sleep study over again. I’m dying very slowly so the cpap guys don’t really care. I’m not really sure they’d care if I was dying quickly and in front of them honestly. And people argue with me that human all human life has equal value. If that’s true then that value is very small. It seems to me that you’re most valuable just before you’re born, then your value drops sharply after that point.

I Bet I could make my own mask from stuff in my room that would work better. I have some moldable plastic… I should macguyver that shit. I could get $5 worth of that moldable rubber and make a seal that fits my face perfectly. Do it for a tenth of the cost…

I wonder if all plastic is medically sound.