1486 Teat Pals.


I’m not sure at what point bosom got conflated with breasts, but it was my understanding for many years that bosom was part of everyone’s chest. So, this joke depends on a modern, at least as far as I know, usage of the word. It was also my understanding that you only had one bosom and that a breast wasn’t one bosom and there was no need for the pluralization unless you had two people doing things to their respective bosoms. That’s language for you. It just keeps evolving and there’s really nothing we can do about it. If we traveled far enough into the future, but stayed in the same place on the globe, our language would be much more difficult to understand, probably because nothing will mean anything, while also meaning everything, and the opposite of it.

I have a nuanced understanding of words. Some things I use in ways specific to me, but don’t realize it until I’m well deep in a conversation and realize that the other party is not having the same conversation I am. It can be troublesome. At the same time, my unique use of language makes the writing of the comic a little more special, arguably. Jo, in particular, gets a lot of my odd phrasings, but they bleed in, here and there, all the time.

In an unrelated note, or maybe tangentially related, I told someone I would write an essay about my criteria for determining the value of life, but I’m not going to do that now. I realized that doing so would spoil a big chunk of future pages, so you’ll just have to read the comic, if you’re the person in question. I don’t want to mess up my story for the sake of arguing my personal philosophy. That’s what the comic is for after all. Twitter is a terrible place to try and have any sort of rational conversation. I need to remember that. 140 characters isn’t even close to enough to make a decent point, and having it all cut up over a string of tweets is ridiculous.