1485 John The Craptist.


From their first meeting Jessica has been cool on John, but there’s never really been an obvious reason other than she seemed to really want Thomas. Little Jo seems to be just a tiny bit annoyed with Jess’s perpetual randiness.

I went to the store today, after a week or so of being fine, and suddenly came over faint again. I had to lay down for a bit after, but it didn’t take nearly as long as usual. So, progress, I guess.

I went to the store for some storage boxes to sort Lego pieces into. Among other things. The after xmas clearance on Lego is middling, but there were some creator sets cut way down, so I have a couple of extra car bits. I’m keeping an eye on some other ones because our Walmart never has its clearance properly marked. If you have a phoine app you can check though. Which is how I found the stack of car ones who were marked way lower than the stickers.

So David Bowie, huh? When I was little I had a shirt with his name on, and I clearly remember my mother telling me who he was and why I liked him. Labyrinth is what I best remember him for. I’ve never been a big music guy, but I have that soundtrack burned into my mind. Honestly I should probably listen to his music now, because I’d probably like it.