1295 With An E.


Well, there you go. I honestly can’t remember if anyone guessed this particular outcome clearly enough to be called a psychic, but I don’t think anyone did. Where is this all going!? Places probably. All the places. Join me, won’t you?

One of my favorite podcasters went to prison for wire fraud… It’s super disappointing on a lot of levels. Brian Dunning of Skeptoid if you feel like looking it up. It’s super betrayed times all up in here. I mean, it’s a white collar crime, and not something that particularly makes me angry, but still…

Right now I’m having TV time with the Teen. Before that I was trying to get some inking done before TV time swooped down on me. We aren’t watching Monster High. I have, however, seen a few Monster High specials. They’re okay, but some of their puns are too sloppy for my liking. I like a tight pun, kids. You know that.

The Teen has an infected toenail. It’s gross, much like she is. Seriously though, we may have to take her to the doctor over this one. She doesn’t have Ebola, that I know of, but I’m going to cost her in plastic, just in case. Also I may light her on fire. Just to be sure…