1487 Mathetragics.


In Jessica’s defense, she hasn’t worked with Reggie for a long time, so she hasn’t built up a memory bank of times Reggie has done annoying things to her. Of course she was a little put off by his gloating, or whatever it was he did concerning her brother, but not enough to pass judgement on him. The fact that she’s drawn to types like him probably had a role in that.

I’m always a little comforted when people like Reggie in spite of his more annoying traits. There is a lot of me in Reggie. If Thomas is the best version of me then Reggie is closer to reality. I’m hidden in all the characters, in one way or another, but it’s a much thinner veil with Thomas and Reggie.

The monitor on my PC broke at some point. I don’t know exactly what happened, it was on a surge guard, but the power is really unpredictable and it flicks the battery backup on and off, over and over, many, many, times a night some times. I think the constant flickering made something burn out in it. The tower is fine, and so is my drawscreen, so I can still use it if I need to. It’s a shame though because it was a nice screen, relatively speaking. I’ve been using my Surface almost exclusively since I went into the hospital, so it hasn’t been an issue or anything. I definetly don’t want the same thing to happen to the PC though. It’s on the actual backup, not the surge guard, so I assume it’s safe. I mean, it’s as safe as it can be without unplugging it when I’m not using it. The important stuff is backed up in 5 hard drives of various ages. Barring an EMP incident things should be safe.

My electronics have been randomly failing since I moved to Colorado. The very first thing that went was a cheat device for my Dreamcast. I had been using it to get through Resident Evil: Code Veronica as quickly as possible, but when the thing got fried it made my save file unusable. Claire is trapped in a safe room with no healing items and almost no health. There’s either no crate, or I don’t have any herbs. As soon as I step out there’s something I can’t get past. Long story short, I never finished the game. Honestly, I doubt that Colorado has anything to do with the failure, it just happened after the move so I associated it with the issue. The problems with the power grid are real though. anything plugged into a wall is in danger, even with a surge guard.

I finally saw the new star wars, in case you don’t follow me on twitter. @betweenfailures The thing about the new one, that isn’t true of the prequels, is that it matches the tone of the original films. The writing feels like Star Wars. Even if the old cast hadn’t been involved it would have felt correct in a way that none of the prequel material does, even the very excellent clone wars cartoons. From the moment it started I was like “Oh, I’m watching an actual Star Wars movie.” which I never realized was something I didn’t do with the prequels. I think the thing that makes Star Wars seem correct is the incompetence of the cast. They succeed in spite of themselves in a lot of instances. That’s my two cents anyway.