1484 Magical Mystery School.


Perocial school is the word I think Thomas is searching for. I honestly can’t remember for sure and haven’t bothered to look it up, although that’s more down to my memory than my education. I actually learned more from random books than from going to school. Studying I did on my own put me ahead much more than most of the teaching I experienced. I think learning in your own way is the best way to learn, on balance, but a lot of people just wouldn’t bother if they weren’t forced to. I like learning stuff. As much now as ever really. I feel like things have more purpose if I’m learning new things. I used to listen to a lot more podcasts and things when I started doing the comic because it took me so long to do it. Now I have to cram a lot of other stuff in around making it and I’m not as focused as back then. I think I’d like to get to some happy medium between the two states.

Do you guys know of any good stuff to watch with real facts and stuff, or podcasts? I listened to a whole course just about Tolkien’s writing. I know I talked about it. I know way too much about the mythos of the Hobbit, but I also got some good stuff about worldbuilding, so it all sort of worked out.

A friend and his wife sent me a box of Japanese food this weekend. I tried to share it with my family but it did not go well. My dad was the only one who didn’t gag over anything. I’m keeping the rest of it to myself. I have miso and curry yet to try. I don’t think I’ve ever had curry. This is bagged mix, but still. there’s also cold noodles, which every part of my brain tells me should be eaten hot. I’m going to try and do them properly, but if I can’t I’m totally going to microwave them a little. There aren’t a lot of savory foods I can tolerate cold.

The Teen went with mom to help grandma take down her xmas decorations. Under protest, which I’m sure made the whole ordeal that much more enjoyable. The kid loves a celebration but hates cleaning it up. They came home early, but I don’t think the task was actually finished. I think the parties involved got tired of her endless bitching, although no one has actually said those exact words.

My weekend was quiet and productive because of this event. I got a little closer to being caught up on things. There’s an update to the patreon story if you’re a patron. I’m also trying to commission some special drawings for Patreon. I’ll keep you informed. I had a really hard time finding anyone who wanted to do anything. I think a friend will be able to though. His schedule permitting.

I’ve felt relatively well this last week. No major times of having to lie down for hours at a stretch. I’ve been able to do a lot more than I was last month. Maybe things are finally starting to really trend up again. I certainly hope they are.