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I didn’t say it on Wednesday, and I doubt I need to, but I eventually met Catholics who were regular, nice, people. In fact I already knew some, but they never identified as such. As with any selection of people you get a range from cool to douche and I just happened to have a statistically bad start with my experiences with Catholicism.

I do have some reservations about Catholicism. Particularly the obsession with gold. I like the way the current pope is more of a simple monk. Golden palaces built to god seem to be sort of antithetical to the teachings. Never trust a rich prophet. Unless you want to get rich too. Then you should take notes, like L. Ron Hubbard. It bothers me that they tell you that it’s harder for a rich man to get into heaven while keeping their palms extended for tips. Which is not to say that I don’t thinjk a community should support their faith. You should, but at the same time the preacher shouldn’t be the guy with the nicest car in town, you know what I mean? A golden cross just marks the spot where someone chose not to use their wealth help the less fortunate. At the same time I do understand the need for some iconography. Stained glass, paintings, ect, but some churches get nuts with it. Polished brass is visually similar to gold, you know?

Also, why is it the seats in churches always seem like the cheapest thing in there? It seems like if you’re going to pour cash into a house of worship the first thing you aught to fix up is the seating. I mean, the people in the seats paid for the place, they should get to sit on a nice bench. Has god got something against comfort? I’m just saying.

You might think it strange, but I actually like churches. In spite of all my belief in the superiority of logic and reason I feel connected to something magical inside one. I also like the idea of people gathering in a place to figure out how to be cool to each other, but they rarely work like that, do they?

My dad’s brother is all about church, but he doesn’t mess around. He goes to places and does stuff. Stuff where he’s in actual danger. You have to respect that. Being willing to die to try and help other people is living the word. When it comes to helping the less fortunate most people talk a good game, but getting malaria so people can have a drink of water is pretty baller.

I hope you Catholics out there don’t think I’m picking on you. I Know that no religion is perfect, you’re just in the hot seat at the moment, and some of this stuff applies to everybody. I’ve been in all kinds of Christian churches that had a little too much gold stuck to the walls, or had a preacher with an expensive car.