1471 Battle Of Wits.


Maddison is not a master of strategy…

Just before the last splatfest I attained S rank in the big kid battles. An hour before it started I decided to play a few just to get loose. I lost two ranks. Every single battle was a loss. Yesterday I decided to play after finishing a page. Lost two more ranks. I’ll give you that some of the problem was on me, but I did get to the S rank, I’m not the worst player. My teams didn’t seem to understand the game at all. If I didn’t know better I’d say they were trying to lose ranks. Once I dropped to the lowest rank I at least thought I might pick up a win so my gear would level up, but I couldn’t even enjoy that possible ray of sunshine. I was on teams that won 2 games just before my timer went off to stop playing. I really wish they would show the highest rank you’ve ever gotten in addition to the rank you currently are, so I could at least point to it and say “See? I’m not terrible at this game! I’ve been at the foot of the mountain!”

Warning: More Ranting Follows
Today I spent an hour trying to figure out why I can’t order replacement parts for my c-pap. The supply company said they needed a form that showed compliance from the doctor, a form that I WATCHED THEM FAX. This was months ago. After they fucked up the insurance, after they didn’t turn it in on time, after I had to go to the hospital independently of them to get a different mask. I could have bought the hose on amazon for $40. Not the $400 dollars they charge my insurance in what looks a lot like mafia style fraud. This shit right here is why the “greatest” nation in the world has health care that most of its citizens can’t afford. Corruption, graft! A $6 length of plastic tubing is $100. HOW DID WE LET IT GET LIKE THIS!? I actually raised my voice on the phone with the representative for a moment. After he told me they needed that paper I WATCHED GET FAXED I screamed that it was turned in months ago. I try not to do stuff like that, but this is just another in a long history of fuck ups to do with this machine. After that I was able to limit myself to short answers and not flip out every time the guy spoke, but it wasn’t easy. I got off the phone feeling terrible. Rage physically hurts me now. I have to rest after getting angry. I used to be powered by rage and now it’s literally killing me. Did I mention that I called them the day before and they were supposed to have told me what the problem was? Yeah, apparently the guy just didn’t do it after I hung up. They never follow up on their shit. The second I get off the line the memory of me seems to just blow away like a fart in the wind! If I have to go down to their office I am going to straight up die. I’d be better off pitching the c-pap back in their fat faces and just dying at the regular speed I was before. I wouldn’t even be this angry if the fucking thing had lived up to the claims everyone kept making for it. Everything to do with it has been a farce.