1451 Validity.


I have been scrambling trying to get caught up on stuff so I can get my avatar drawings done from this month. I’ve decided to stop drinking soda, even though it’s basically my coffee equivalent, because if it’s in the house I’ll just stress drink it until it’s all gone. Of course now I suppose that I’ll have to go through withdrawal, so…

I’ve been watching King Of The Hill since they finally released the last DVD set. It’s pretty high on my list of shows that make me feel like life is still worth living. The show almost didn’t get the closure it needed because Fox basically abandoned it towards the end, but they did give it an actual ending, with some real closure. I didn’t see it until much later when Adult Swim started airing the seasons in order. I’m not actually sure if I’ve seen every episode. So as I watch the last season I might get to see something I might not have seen. Of course, even if I’ve seen all the last ones, watching the show is fun and makes me feel good, which is a lot more than I can say for the Walking Dead, which I’m thinking about giving up on now. I’m too invested in the remaining characters and they all have a target on their backs.

Luckily Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles delivered some hope to offset the sour taste of TWD. The last season ended real hardcore, but they left the door open for some hope. That show is weirdly true to the source material in some ways.