1446 Mismatch.


Reggie has not warmed to Mike particularly, but I think Mike has decided that Reggie is a good employee, in spite of his tendency to be accident prone. Maybe someday Reggie will appreciate being appreciated.

Went to the doctor today. Got all checked out. My blood pressure is doing better. I’m on half meds for a while until we see how that works out. My wrist pain is probably a vein that got damaged in some way and is now superfluous. It’s probably close to a nerve witch is making it hurt. I may also have some carpal tunnel. My dizziness could be from the medication but my nose and ears are inflamed enough that some, or all, of it could be that. I’ve got new instructions on how to deal with all these issues. I was able to stay mobile around town for a pretty long time today before I had to rest. I looked all around the store, used the restroom, paid for my stuff, and went to gamestop, before I got to the point where I was starting to really notice myself giving out. I’m supposed to space out my medicines now to see if any one in particular is causing the weirds spasm I’ve been having. So far it looks like it might be my big pill. It didn’t always do this so maybe I just need a smaller dose. Anyway, I think I need to take it a little longer after eating tomorrow, just to make sure it isn’t a blood sugar spike, or something. My blood pressure was pretty good even after a whole cycle of dosing, which is good. It’s staying pretty low even when the effects of the drugs will have tapered off from the previous day. My leg veins are healing well and have much improved circulation. I’ve been doing exercises for that, so it’s working apparently. I may be mildly allergic to my muscle pain medicine, so I’m off that for now. All in all I
‘m doing pretty well. If I can start losing weight a little faster I’d be super. To that end I’ve been doing a lot of portion control and/or fasting depending on how active I’m going to be. If I’m not hungry I don’t let myself nervously eat, or just have meals out of habit when I don’t need one.

I’m used to the c pap enough that I an sleep with it, even though I still don’t sleep as I’ve always known it. A lot of the time I feel energetic but not rested. Possibly when my allergies are under control that will clear up. I pretty much can’t sleep without the mask now because the apnea wakes me up regularly now. As long as I wear the mask I don’t sleep choke, although I’m still having problems with my back and whatnot from sleeping on one side for too long, and the bed not supporting me properly. I’m working on a fix for that, but at the moment I just sleep on the floor for a bit then move to the bed once I’m sorted out.

So that’s where I am. Hopefully on track to heal up and be healthier in the long term. That said, I welcome advice and support. XD