1447 Shark Week.


In fairness to Reggie, Mike just keeps setting these jabs up perfectly. I’ve had a problem with this all my life. People blather on about whatever nonsense is important to them and throw out perfect setups for jokes at their expense. When I was young I jumped in as soon as they set something up. It’s like comedy catnip for me. Now I try to give someone a grace period of about three good lines before I can’t control myself any longer. That’s usually enough to escape an interaction without feelings getting hurt. The thing is, most of the time I don’t do it out of a desire to be malicious. The insults aren’t usually something I feel in any real way, they’re just the funniest line I thought of. My friends are all exceptional people and very rarely leave openings for that sort of thing, because we all tend to speak precisely and in ways that don’t invite retorts. The casual parlance of the average is a playground though. So many ways to slide in little jibes.

“I just can’t seem to get motivated today”. “That’s not really a deviation from the norm…”

“I can’t find anything in this place.” “Yes, and all these clearly labeled signs just muddy the waters, as it were…”

Years and years of having nothing but words to defend myself with made me capable of zeroing in on weakness very quickly. Eventually it passed in to habit. So much so that I would say very insensitive things without so much as a thought. Then, when I gained some real anger and frustration in my life, I started reveling in the hurt I could cause. If I was made to suffer then the whole world needed to suffer at least as much, if not more. I was like that deep into my twenties. Everything just kept piling up, and I stored more and more rage, but the problem with rage is that it’s toxic to its host over time. A little bit is necessary in life, but living with it constantly is like sipping a slow poison in hopes that it will kill your enemies. That is where Reggie comes from. Misguided anger trying to resolve itself. Lashing out at everything because of unrelated slights. Sometimes the things that hurt you most can’t be resolved. You have to learn to let go. Forgive if you can, forget if you must. The alternative is slowly suffocating under the weight of what you refuse to deal with.