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John is drawn to the fursuit like a moth to a flame. What mysteries await inside? How magical must such a person be? He’s ready for adventure.

Everything past this point is just me complaining.
This weekend has set me back a little. If this is the only thing you see here when this page posts I’m probably asleep on the floor in front of my computer.

Well, I woke up before the posting time. Let me tell you about my weekend.

It started Friday with the Teen having a play to perform in. Her sister, who is a little simple, often has to be led to our house. I needed mailing envelopes for art, so my plan was to get those and lead her to the house before the post office closed. Went to town, got my stuff, and waited a while for her to call. Foolishly I chose not to call her earlier and by the time I did she had already navigated her way to the house with the help of an iphone app. Unfortunately I waited around too long and couldn’t get to the post office in time.

We all went to the play. I was the cinematographer. It was fine, except sitting on a folding chair was murder on my hip. After I took the girls out to eat. The Teen had spent a week begging to eat out so we finally did as a treat for doing well in the play. She was disappointed in her food because it wasn’t prepared the way she expected. To try and make it up to her we went for ice cream, except all the places that sell it were closed or too far. So we got cookies. Cookies of disappointment from her perspective.

I spent the better part of the night trying to catch up on work I hadn’t done during the day. My thought was that the Teen would be entertained enough by her sister to let me work in peace. In my heart I knew this was ridiculous. By noon she was desperate to go out into the world. Using her sister as a driver they went on an adventure themselves. The end result of this was my father coming to gather me up so we could tow their car to the shop. Teen Sis managed to sever a radiator hose on a curb somehow. We towed, then dad fixed, while I held the light. Because I’m exactly as useful to him now as I was when I was 12.

It was hot. Even in the shaded shop it was unpleasant. As I said, all I was doing was holding a light and that was toasty work. Leaning over the hot engine while dad toiled underneath. Eventually dad solved the Rubik’s cube that is a 90′s Ford engine and we set out for a replacement part. No part till Tuesday. Back home. Dinner. Asleep on the floor till 4AM.

I did some work. With no car they would know better than to pester me after yesterday. Worked till I fell asleep again. Noonish the Teen came to pester me about going to town. And every thirty minutes after that until I gave up. She then spent the rest of the day asking me what was wrong with me. For fear of coming unhinged I said I was tired, because I’ve been admonished multiple times now for being to harsh.

While this was going on my father repaired Teen Sis’s car with a part of his own devising. He called me so that she could get on the road before it was too late. Back to the house. Worked out the map app on her phone so I wouldn’t have to lead her back to town. I’m not sure she thanked my father at any point. I doubt seriously that he would care, but it’s still not cool. On the road. Asleep on the floor. Post comic. Now.

If this is the way the rest of the week goes I’m going to stab my brain with my stylus.

I had a 15 minute argument with the Teen over why I couldn’t get her two packages of cookies and a google play card. During that argument she tried to get her sister, who also has little money, to pay for part of things. No consideration for other people. We’re all just a means to an end.

Today her sister had sense enough to forget her purse at the house. Or maybe she just got lucky. She’s not exactly a schemer like I am.