1497 Memorable.


There’s, like, a million versions of the bible. I’ve heard this passage so many ways its crazy. In Ghostbusters Ray quotes it as Revelation 7:12, but I’ve always seen it as 6:12. I don’t know if this was on purpose or not, but the version he quotes is truncated, and Winston jumps a section and really cuts the next bit down to a few words.
The passage is martyrs asking Jesus to avenge them and he tells them to wait till everyone else gets killed. I assume because he only wants to avenge the one time, instead of doing it all scattershot.
My version cuts out some of the old imagery, like fig references. The bible is really in to figs. Things are always being compared to, or measured by, figs an their trees. These days people just aren’t that into figs. Somewhere along the way the PR team for figs dropped the ball. They got them heavily into the bible, and that one xmas carol, and then just fucked off for the intervening centuries.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fig. If I have the experience was forgettable enough that I did. That’s why they needed continued support. Their cookie isn’t that good. In fairness though, getting the fig in the bible has kept the name out there. People have a vague idea of what a fig is because they are mentioned thirty five thousand times.

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