1385 Intervention.


Generally speaking, I find blond people less attractive than people with other hair colors. This goes for men as well as women. I tend to be mistrustful of light haired people because, in my experience, they are full of deceit. This, of course, is a logical fallacy. In spite of knowing this I still tend to be cautious when dealing with fair haired people. It’s likely also why the starting cast was tipped far in favor of dark hair. It’s also likely why Wes is blond. I had a nemesis in grade school who was about as Aryan as it gets.
Having said all of that, my first crush was on a blond girl. Although she bleached it to be far lighter than it would have been naturally. Bridgette is reminiscent of that girl, design wise, more than Nina. Although they share certain genesis points.

I don’t know the fates of many friends I had from those years. Since I was just ahead of the social media change when our paths diverged they mostly stayed diverged. A couple have wandered back in from time to time, but I’m not one to spend a lot of time reliving old stories over a chat. Also, I don’t remember those years very clearly anymore. Not because I couldn’t have. I chose to forget. Sometimes it makes me worried because I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between choosing to forget and not being able to remember. If someone reminds me though all of that stuff floods back in and it’s easy to tell that I was keeping the gate closed by choice. The friends I still have are more the custodians of my memories than I am. Sometimes when I can’t exactly recall some story I wanted to corrupt for the comic I have to contact one of them to fill in the stuff I’ve blocked out.