1380 Easy Peasy.


Yesterday the Teen asked me to take her to town to get dinner. She also wanted to go there to search for a gravesite which she could get 25 points of extra credit for standing by. I didn’t want to buy dinner, plus we’re trying not to eat out food because I’m dying and she’s unhealthy too. I told her to find out exactly where it is, so we could locate it after dinner. We’d have to go quickly because the sun would be setting by the time we got there, and it’s pretty difficult to find a particular stone in a sea of them. In the dark it’s virtually impossible without a clear idea of the location.
When we went to leave I asked her if she knew where we were going and she told me she hadn’t bothered to look. Even with all of human learning at her fingertips, seconds away, she had just kept texting, which made me angry. Still, 25 points is pretty good for such an easy task as looking at a thing. So I asked my father, who was nearby and often attends funerals, if he was familiar with he location. He was, but wasn’t sure about the specific grave. Of course military graves tend to be placed together if the people in question were famous to some degree, and the gentlemen we were after died in the attack on Pearl Harbor. They were probably near a memorial. All we’d need to do is find the biggest flag and there we’d be, most likely.
On the way to town I told her to find out about the brothers we were looking for. She tapped away on her phone and I assumed, foolishly, that she was doing a quick search for them. By the time we arrived she would likely have enough information to locate the tomb easily.
When we arrived she had no idea who the guys were, where they were, or anything else. She’d spent the entire drive texting. She reasoned that it would be easier if I just did it for her. I did my best not to be furious. Instead I channeled my anger into reading the index of graves. Rather than do anything useful the Teen continued to text. Unfortunately the map was inscrutable. I had, at best, a vague idea of where soldiers might be buried, but I was going to have to fall back on my flag plan. As expected there was a section of military graves east of the memorial with the biggest flag.
If they were in that section I didn’t see them. The kid managed to pry her eyes from her phone from time to time, but strangely wasn’t able to locate them either. My guess is that they were in the original section for war dead, and that the place we were looking at was the updated section. The graves ran a pretty wide range of conflict though. Even for as small a town as Lamar there were a significant number of people who had given their lives for our country. Some of them younger than me. It was sobering for me. For her? Well you’d have to ask whoever she was texting. I suspect they would have a clearer idea than I.
By the time I’d taken a pass through the war memorial section the sun was nearly set. The light was coming at an angle that makes graves very difficult to read at a distance. If you’ve ever spent any time researching gravesites you’ll know what I mean. I used to go with my mom when I was little and she was researching our genealogy. I’ve actually seen a lot of cemeteries in Kansas, and the surrounding states. Anyway, I made a few passes in the dusk, hoping to luck in to the location. I was hoping two sets of eyes might be enough. Well, 2.5, or whatever the Teen’s contribution amounted to. Alas, luck was not on our side. Or my side. Or whatever sides there were. By that point I had put more effort into the whole thing than she had bothered to and I just wanted to see the graves and pay my respects. There’s probably not anyone left to come see the brothers anymore. It doesn’t mean a lot, I guess, but I appreciate them not getting to have a life so that losers like me can draw pictures to entertain others.
I might go back by myself someday. Just so I know where they are. It’s not going to change anything for me to know, but I want to.
After it got too dark to see she asked me to take her for ice cream, which I suspect was what she really wanted all along. I told her ice cream was for winners and made her go to the store with me, even though I didn’t need anything. On the way out of town she pleaded with me but I drove past the turn, reiterating my assertion that winners are the ones who get the ice cream. I went far enough to make it seem like we weren’t getting it, but then I turned back around.
Maybe that’s just how the world is now. Failures get ice cream too.

The drawing of Alex might have ended by the time this goes up. I’ve put up the new one for next week already. It’s Nina with her sunbursts ponytail. LINK I don’t know if she’ll do better than Alex. It seems unlikely, but whatever. I put her fate in your hands.

Since pretty much the only people who read the blog are aware of this stuff I’m going to ask you guys who comes after Nina. It can be anybody, in any style they’ve been seen wearing. Brooksie in her confidence shirt, for example, or Thomas in street clothes, whatever. I’ll even do sleepy eyes Nina if you guys want that. That’s her work default style. I’ll take suggestions right up till I start drawing. I don’t know when that will be since I’m a little behind from carting the Teen around and whatnot.

Just so you Patreon supporters don’t feel left out, I sent out a message to anyone who has pledged over, like, $20 or something. It’s going to take me a while, but I’m doing these drawings for anyone who wants one on there that meets whatever criteria it was I used. If you haven’t checked your messages there you should. If you’re one of the patrons I messaged the note will be in your inbox. I know that not everyone wants physical stuff in their home, so don’t feel like you’ll be insulting me if you don’t want a drawing. I just wanted to put it out there for people who have supported me in a big way.

Eventually I’ll extend the offer to anyone who has given me over $30 in total and is still supporting my work. I just didn’t want to get overwhelmed and forget people. It’s easy to lose track of what you need to do when it’s hundreds of drawings at a time. XD

Anyway, that huge mess is all I can think of that I needed to say for today. I look forward to the various tangents that will no doubt arise in the comments. XD