1379 Whole Lot Of Woman.


This might have been the second page I tried to make in Manga Studio. It got away from me a bit looking at it now. I get the linework under control better from here on. Things are a little to wispy here and there for my tastes.

These two. They have a strange relationship. I’m just gonna let you guys enjoy watching this one unfold over time. There’s still a couple of days left on the auction for the drawing of Alex I did, but I think it’s topped out. I’m actually surprised it went as high as this. I wasn’t sure if she was all that popular. LINK

There are still some twists and turns left in the first furry adventure, but things are winding down. Just need to tie up enough loose ends to wander away for a bit.

I watched season 1 of Game Of Thrones. It was really good, I liked it. Unfortunately I don’t have access to any of the other seasons. I thought maybe they were on one of the digital services, but alas it was not so. Well, not unless you buy them anyway. That doesn’t really solve my problem. Anyway, I’m stuck in the limbo of the past until the next season is 50% off someplace. XD Maybe next Xmas. I seem to recall seeing some of the sets on deep discount around then. I already know a lot of the stuff that happens just from being a human nerd and having others in my life who were early adopters. I was surprised by how some of the stuff played out though. Like, I expected Kal Drogo to be around a while, but he never even made it off the road. He seemed like he was going to be a big deal.
My favorite character is Tryian Lanister. He’s pretty much the only Lanister I like. I also like John snow and his chubby buddy. Ned Stark’s youngest daughter is also a compelling character.
I enjoy hating Joffrey. I can’t wait to see him die in whatever manner death chooses for him. I’m also rooting for Jamie Lanister to get killed horribly.
I’m sympathetic to Dayera, or whatever her name is. Stormborn. I’m not sure I want her to “win” but I feel like she has the makings of a potentially decent ruler. Just tough enough to get things done, not so tough as to be a piece of shit all the time. Their world seems to demand a balance of those qualities. People who hold to honor pretty much get fucked in the long run. Like poor Ned. T^T
I actually like the scheming guys at the palace. I forget their names. Baldy, Showtunes, and oldy. Their machinations are fun and watching them spar is also fun, even if I’m not sure I like them, per se. I like that very few characters act without motivation. People are dicks for reasons and are also sometimes redeemed in some small ways. Even Joffrey has moments of almost being human. Very tiny moments that haven’t really helped me not want to watch him die, but still. They all have ogre like layers. Even the best guy so far had a bastard son, so nobody is perfect.

I’m not much for reading, but I’m seriously considering trying to find audiobooks of the series, just to see how much more there would have been if I read them. I’m of two minds about it because with Walking Dead I feel like the show is the superior story, and don’t really want to spoil that image with the source material. I’m afraid that GOT will be the same. Anyone have any opinions on that? Is the source material worth looking into?

Also, does anyone think that the Walking Dead comics are worth reading in spite of the show being better? (In my opinion.)