1355 Ceremonies.


I was going to talk about something but I’m tired and forgot…

Maybe I’ll think of it if I write a little.
I’m going to be so annoyed when I remember what it was I wanted to say.

I got the best idea for a podcast the other night. It’s so good I don’t want to tell anyone what it is because they will want to take it for themselves. I is… precious to me. The problem is that I don’t know anyone I could do the show with. Actually that’s pretty much my problem in general. There’s nobody around here. Everyone I’ve ever talked to for more than a few minutes ends up being sketchy. Since there’s nothing to do everyone fills their time with drinking and drugs. I am a pilgrim in an unholy land. Anyway, I guess it’s better to have too many ideas to do them all rather than have to struggle for them constantly, but still. There’s just not enough time.

I’ve started gathering materials to make a doll of Brooksie. I have the armature parts already and now I’m researching paints that will stick to that type of plastic. Originally I was going to try and make cloth clothes, but I’m not sure I’m up to the challenge. I hate to try and do sculpted clothes, but I guess I can just make the visible skin parts and go from there. Brooksie has the easiest body type to modify from modern doll bodies. Un fortunately they all have “high heels feet” which means I’m going to have to adjust that for sure. She’s not a heels kind of girl in her natural state… I’ll keep you posted on this new debacle.

I sure can’t remember whatever it was I was going to say. I played some more on the minecraft world I made from the teen’s game seed. Found 3 diamonds in the ground pretty fast, then used them to make a nether portal. From there I scoured a nether fortress and found enough diamond to make an enchantment table. Now I just need to make some bookshelves so I can properly enchant things. In a few days when I get to play again I’ll try to get the materials for that. I’m also making a sky palace out of a floating mountain that spawned naturally. It’s right next to a spider generator that’s practically at ground level. Basically I have everything I need to easily enchant and mine all in one small area. There are also several villages, and I’ve seen horses wandering around. I’ve never seen a melon though, so I can’t make heal potions. At least I think that’s what I’m supposed to have. They are listed in some of the food crafting, so they must exist… Been all over the jungles with no luck though.

Teen Corner:
well hello strangers its been awhile sorry I disappeared I’ve just had a ton of homework and been incredibly tired because of my meds. but I’m here tonight! the new boyfriend is going well except him and my ex almost got into a fight the other day and that was well not fun. but it was solved with no violence. state testing is approaching soon oh joys. I entered an art contest cant remember if I mentioned that but wish me luck if you wanna see what I did let me know in the comments and ill have Jackie post a pic. I’ve played mine craft a little more and its pretty fun. I’m just really not motivated lately lol I’m ready for the weekend and sleep time already. parent teacher conferences are approaching and clearly I’m a fantastic student so I’m not worried. lol my aunt is not currently home so I’m trying to make Jackie attend them so I can at least know what my teachers have to say. my life has yet to be that exciting the only new thing is the boyfriend of over a week now who is adorable and shy and the sweetest guy and yes I know I sound annoying and full of the puppy love but I just cant help myself. have a great night bye!! I hope to reappear again soon.