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I don’t actually know if Reggie is using the word fraternal correctly. I wrote it and decided to leave it because it sounds natural. Real people misuse words, or have only a partial understanding of some of the words they’ve heard in context. Basically Reggie is running on confidence. He’s made an estimate of Evrina’s intelligence and is breaking out words that might be outside his exact understanding. I’m pretty sure that fraternal is properly used to describe men only organizations. The female equivalent being sorority, right? If there’s a mixed gender version of the word I can’t think of it at the moment.
I don’t know much about frats and that outside of movies. I’m pretty sure that if said films are based on even half truths I would not want to be part of such an organization. Of course I’m not real keen on being part of any organization, so that’s not the biggest snub I can muster. I’m not sure if I’ve ever talked, at length, to anyone who was in a frat or sorority. Did any of you do that sort of thing? Was it as Revenge Of The Nerds as Revenge Of The Nerds would have me believe?

Side note: how long do we have before a Revenge Of The Nerds reboot? Also, is the concept still culturally relevant in light of the success of nerd culture in dominating popular culture? Discuss.

Okay, subject change. Do you guys think there is a market for male lingerie? After seeing the tumblrs of many female friends I think there is. I don’t know exactly the form it would take, but I think that sexclothes for men could be a marketable thing in the world now. Discuss.

I think I figured out how to make my capture thing record my audio. I haven’t tested it yet, but I read several troubleshooting guides and I think my sound thingy is the issue. I made the changes and at some point I’ll try again. I also watched a tutorial about getting a PS3 to work with the capture card, so maybe I can show off my floating castle someday.

I was swimming in the ocean near a mushroom island, in Minecraft, before I had to take the Teen to school, when I saw a weird glow coming from underwater. That was a new thing so I sank down to see what it was. To my surprise there was a lavafall underwater. Since it was flowing I knew it had to have an air pocket, so I swam down and found an underwater cave system. It was really neat. I’ve never seen anything like that in Minecraft before. I explored a little before I had to go. I think there should be a lot of resources there.