1339 Ominous.


Health update: I’m getting better, but it hurts to sit down for very long, so I have had to find many new and strange ways to do my pages. Honestly, if you could just use the drawscreen without sometimes needing the keyboard and mouse it would be so much simpler. It’s a shame that art hardware doesn’t seem to be designed by artists. Or rather if it is then they aren’t very good at knowing what would be the most useful ways for things to be. Anyway, whatever. It is what it is and I’m not in a position to make changes to that sort of thing just now, so I’ll just have to deal with reality as it is.

The Teen’s playstation login is connected to an email account that likely doesn’t exist, or can’t be accessed. Whenever the account was set up her birthday wasn’t used, so you can’t even start many account functions. Because of this there is no way to update her password, or transfer purchases from the eshop. This also means that if she ever gets logged out of her PS3 in such a way that it deletes her saved password she will not be able to get back in to anything. Her whole family is barely computer literate and the idea of writing down password information apparently didn’t seem very important at any time. I have elected myself to solving this problem before it becomes a problem. Knowing how these things work though I don’t have much hope going in to it. It is almost impossible to produce enough information to prove who you are to a customer service rep, especially over the phone. This was a big problem when my uncle died. People kept saying he needed to do this or that to prove he was who he was and mom kept having to explain exactly how dead he was. Let that be a lesson to all of you. Even if you don’t want your family to have access to your accounts now you should place the account information in a place where someone will know where it is. I have a notebook that lists all the passwords I use, account names, ect. that I keep in my area. People know it exists. People I trust not to fuck with it unless it is the last resort.

The password book thing reminds me of that part in The Last Crusade where Henry Sr. tells Indy that the reason he had the journal is so that he wouldn’t have to remember what was in it. At this point all we have is the vague memory of an account being set up, possibly several xmases ago, and apparently a video of me telling someone “Do not lose this piece of paper, it has her password on it.” FUUUUUUUUCK.

Honestly it wouldn’t matter except that I’ve spent so much money on content for the Teen, which is now bound to her account. For some insane reason I just assumed that she would know her account information. This account info problem doesn’t stop with her PS3 either. Pretty much all of her online junk is tethered to this inaccessible email address, or created with false information, chosen at random so she could have a facebook when she was too young to have one.

Anyway, she went to Denver with some friends, so she won’t be posting tonight. Maybe Wednesday.

My hip hurts. I’m old.