1309 Straight Laced.


On the off chance we don’t get home in time to make a post, the Teen and I are on the road. We are taking her to visit her brother, who seems to be lonely. We’ll report in as soon as we can. Just watch this space.

It’s been a surly series of days. Mom suggested we might go to visit the teen’s brother on Saturday, but that idea was dropped, and I assumed it was off the table for this week. Except it wasn’t. We went on Sunday. Spur of the moment. He seemed to need to do some talking so rather than doing it on the phone we elected to try it in person. Or more accurately we elected the teen to do it. My understanding is that it didn’t go… as planned. For my part I spent the day standing around in stores, waiting for things to happen. Eventually they did, and I rode back to home with everyone. That’s the short version. The long version includes mundane details that don’t really add to the narrative. I was an extra part today, only required for the actual trip to and fro. Which is fine, but makes for a boring story. I was also very tired and angry for most of the day. Whatchagondoamirite?

Teen Coroner
im a very tired teen tonight…we went on an adventure to see my brother and it was not awesome. me and him fought the whole time and it kind of sucked but we went out to eat and I got fried ice cream so that was cool. Despite my brother being a jerk the whole time I’m glad I got to see him. I also got to see my friend Emma for a little bit which was awesome because I haven’t seen her in what seems like forever. this day was full of disappointment though…oh well points to my aunt for making an effort to make me happy. I ended up crying because of my brother and I find myself missing my dad a lot lately..its always harder towards the holidays..he loved the holidays..but im thankful for the good memories. anyways onto less depressing subjects, I bugged Jackie most of the day and at one point the song g6 came on the radio and the ruiner strikes again changing the lyrics to like a cheese stick. that song forever is ruined I now hear like a cheese stick over and over. then at one point I told Jackie I don’t like you and he yelled I don’t like you either I love you!! to which I replied I still don’t like you and walked away then he yelled your a poop head which I found very entertaining. despite this I do actually like my cousin. don’t tell my other cousins but..Jackie is my favorite even though he is a butt. am I happy to be home now and I’m very much ready for bed although I’m not ready for school tomorrow. I did some super awesome day of the dead makeup for Halloween but my face did not appreciate it, I’m still breaking out and getting hives so I have to go to school like that…yay and I’m really not looking forward to seeing people I don’t like and doing homework but I’m sure I’ll live. Halloween was pretty awesome though I had a lot of fun with my friends. I really want to sleep in tomorrow morning…can I just play sick? goodnight all sincerely the teen