1308 My One.



Today, and by today I mean most of last night and this morning until noon, was very productive. I sketched and inked 5 pages, of varying degrees of complexity, from an assortment of jobs. I’m trying to get the outside work squared away before December. I’m going to try not to take on any projects once December rolls in, because the month is almost always a disaster. Especially now since it’s right there, being the anniversary of Uncle Jon’s death. (The Teen’s dad) Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, all these butted up against each other makes for bad scheduling times. Of course, I like money, so when someone invariably comes to me wanting portraits of their entire extended family I will take the job. BECAUSE I’VE LEARNED NOTHING. The teen is hovering behind me, trying to get me to hurry, because she wants to go to the store. She’s been pestering me to go to the store since she got home with increasing intensity. She’s at the equivalent of the peepee dance now. Just a flurry of limbs waggling in a futile attempt to cajole me into action. Each motion adding, soundlessly, to the string of words I type. Soon she will peer over my shoulder and realize what I’m doing. Then the abuse will start. T^T I deserve sympathy for my plight. Did you see the emoticon? Yeah, true feels, man. XD Anyway, I better get my shit together and do this or I’ll be uptown when the page goes up; trying to tweet in Wal-Mart, like a chump. See you guys Monday.

Also, I might get the 4th page of the New Jeans comic up this weekend for you Patreon people. As always, click the sidebar Nina to see what that’s all about.

Teen Corner
Today is my favorite day of the week,thursday! why you may ask? because I don’t have school on Fridays!!!! yay for me. school today has been full of drama and annoying-ness. one of my friend’s sister has been being bullied so my friend is furious and ranted about it all day. its not that I don’t care I hate bullying but I hate drama and I don’t like seeing my friends angry. besides that the day was pretty boring but I have no homework which is awesome and the girl I have been having issues with is finally leaving the school and going somewhere else which is even more awesome. when I arrived home I sat down and watched some of the American horror stories and then went to bug Jackie but he was asleep like a lazy bum. so I went back to my room and decided to attempt to draw an anchor which did not go to well,so I gave up and finally Jackie was awake. I am currently trying to convince him to take me to walmart so I can buy some facepaint. I joined a school club called fccla (family carreer community leaders of America) and we are trick or treating for can goods tomorrow so I need to dress up somehow. im just going to paint my face like a day of the dead person, not sure if that is the right term but it works. I have also been very clumsy today, for instance I tripped over air and fell into atleast 2 chairs and tripped over a backpack…yeah im that boss people lol. I am very excited for my homework free weekend which shall be filled with scary movies and delicious candy! thanks to all the people who suggested movies for me to watch I appreciate it. time to go to walmart then kill some zombies. goodnight guys. sweet nightmares and have a happy Halloween!!!! sincerely the teen :)