1310 It’s Boothe.


I feel shitty. Not, like, I have the flu, or whatever. I’m just tired, and angry, and restless. My body just hurts a little bit, but all the time. It’s making me tetchy. I don’t know what my problem is, but I’m filled with an unfocused rage lately. My jaw is having spasms from gritting my teeth all the time for no reason. The house is always hot and dusty. Like gritty in my eyes. Mostly my room. It’s always so fucking hot in here. There’s also this weird ass chemically smell hanging around and I can’t find the source. I just smell it here and there. It’s driving me nuts. FFFFFFFFUUUUUCK! I don’t know what my problem is. I’m just annoyed and twitchy. The kid wants me to take her to the store and I just want to sleep. I feel like I haven’t slept in a million years.

Teen Crooner
hey interweb peeps how’s it going? I just arrived home from school which was pretty entertaining today. I’m very hyper and cant stop laughing so I appear to be on drugs. I have been bugging my friends and teachers all day today though I doubt they were as amused as me. I tied my friends Taylor’s shoe laces together in impossible knots and she tried to hop away and fell which we both found very funny but are teacher did not. I have been yelled at many times today but I’m a teen so yolo! haha this girl who I’m just gonna call NAME REDACTED (You idiot) offered me a drink of water from her water bottle and NAME REDACTED (I swear to Christ, child…) has a bit of a reputation when it comes to certain things if you know what I mean, so I replied with ‘no I’d rather not get “the herps” but thanks.’ the rest of the class and I were amused she on the other hand was not so I apologized and said I was kidding but when you brag about doing dirty things and it gets around what do you expect? she’s currently dating a friend of mine who I think ill call Ryan. I do not approve of this but I’m sure he’ll learn sooner or later what NAME REDACTED (Oh for fuck’s sake!) is really like. in my drama class today we practiced for our play once again, I play the role of a spy who’s is terrible at being a spy. its pretty funny, I’m thinking of wearing a black t-shirt that says #spy on it as my costume along with black pants and a beanie. I think it would be funny since I’m an obvious terrible spy, my teacher agrees. my other classes were pretty boring and the lunch was as always terrible, it’s like they’re trying to kill us slowly with bad food. I was thinking of finding my own page or making one or whatever to blog on and post some of my art on but I don’t know how that nonsense works. what do you peeps think? I’m thinking of making Jackie kill some zombies with me here soon but sadly I do have homework for biology 1 but it shouldn’t take long then I’m free to do as I wish. me and my drama teacher had a interesting discussion today. she’s pregnant and I told her I was gonna write on her and she was like noooo that’s poison there’s a baby in here to which I replied no its a freaking penguin!!! (I love penguins just so you know) she found this pretty amusing. I’ve written a little more on ‘the ruiner’ I’m hoping to have it posted on here soon but I’m not sure if I’ve written enough yet I’ll have to consult with my evil cousin. I might possibly beg him to take me to Wal-Mart just for fun and to buy the movie I’m dying to have. Maleficent!!! (I knew I should’ve just bought her the fucking movie…) if you haven’t seen it you should it was awesome I loved it!! it just came out on dvd today and I’m dying to have it. wish me luck with the begging. bye for now peeps!