1311 Mind Blown.


The idea that Carol gave Brooksie a juice pouch after her harrowing experience amuses me endlessly. Looks at her, sippin’ her sips. Straight ballin’ mother fucker. Ecto-Cooler up in this. I don’t think there can be any question that Brooksie likes, and exhibits behaviors, that encourage others to baby her. She’s an only child, who is also very timid, but smart. It is likely that she knows, instinctively, how to convince people to protect her. If she’d been raised poorly, or had a less pure heart, that’s the kind of natural aptitude that could cause someone to go astray.

Teen Coco

hello people of the webs, I am very happy that it is Thursday. although I have no life so this weekend will be pretty boring. school was very non interesting today I cant really think of anything fun that happened…I don’t feel to great and feeling pretty depressed to be honest. I have to go visit my mother this weekend and you think id be happy but she makes me nervous, I never know how she’s going to act or if it will go good or bad. she’s pretty far away so we have a long drive ahead of us and I’ll have to get up early which I am not happy with. I’m hoping my brother will come with us this time..I like when he comes with it makes it easier for me. I just hope it goes well overall. besides that I have no plans. I live a very boring teen life if you haven’t noticed, I might ask Jackie to take me to Wal-Mart to get a few things for my costume for the play..yay..my drama teacher has been angry 24/7 all she does is yell at us and I’m at the point of just dropping out of the class, she has sucked all the fun away. on the bright side no homework yay!! I’m probably just going to work on my art project and watch American horror story all night because why not. I’m sorry I’m not bright and cheery today I’m just not in a great mood I guess. really wanting to just take a trip somewhere and do something fun but I doubt that’s happening anytime soon and as the holidays approach I feel my sadness becoming worse. I’m trying to look at the bright side and be happy and enjoy teen hood like I should though. maybe Jackie will take me for ice cream and make me laugh hysterically that’s always fun times. and bugging him is also fun then maybe kill some zombies, sounds good to me. if not then maybe I can find a friend to hang out with or something or maybe I’ll read some deadpool comics because deadpool is awesome, his crazy ness is entertaining and his story is unique. I’ve resorted to reading comics alone..can you tell I’m bored? haha anyways not much more to say hope you awesome people have a night byez!!!!