1303 So Casual.


The Teen decided to start watching The Walking Dead the other day. I was summoned to the bedtime ritual, as usual, and she was drawing with it in the background. Over the next two days her casual interest became complete obsession. She has fallen under the spell of Daryl Dixon, as so many have before her… It’s interesting because her opinions about the moral ambiguity presented are often surprising. She has been watching the show for 3 days. I encouraged her not to rush things because waiting for new episodes sucks. XD

I’ve been watching a friend’s videos of State Of Decay and decided to go back to Breakdown, since I didn’t really scratch the surface of that DLC. It’s little more than the regular game with tiered difficulty and no story, so it wasn’t as compelling right after having played the story mode for so long. I had to restart my game because the latest update corrupted my last save. Didn’t really matter though. I mean, it’s not like I had a lot of stuff saved, or anything. It started me at the fairgrounds, which is usually the last place you get to in a regular game. This was cool because I got to explore the map much more than I would have normally. I also started my game at the second best base location, which was fun.

I tried to move to the usual first base location after that, but a group had already claimed it and wouldn’t let me in. I ended up setting up outposts as though I was actually based there and just clearing out houses, then transporting the scavenge in large loads later. I also learned some new skills, like the drop kick and how to aim a thrown explosive. This has been extremely useful for clearing out infested buildings. unfortunately I screwed up and my best character got killed. I started as Jacob Ritter, who has the powerhouse attribute, but got caught by 3 swat zombies and a feral. Swat zombies are usually chumps, but 3 of them backed up by a feral was too much. I held my ground instead of running, which I should have done, and got taken out. That was almost enough to make me quit playing, but I stuck with it so I could unlock more heroes.

I’ve almost cleared out the entire map. I want to scout around in some places I’ve never been before moving on to the next difficulty level. I’ve pretty much explored all of the area around the plane crash, so now I just need to look around the forested areas and the very edges of the map. The game is littered with references to other zombie movies and games, which are fun to discover.

An updated version of the game is coming to Xbox 1. Which sucks because now I want one.