1269 Let’s Get This Party Not Started.


Okay, I’m starting out with business this time in case people get sick of reading. I added a new milestone goal to my Patreon. It’s not comic related specifically, but a lot of people enjoyed my fantasy fiction, so I made it part of the goals. If it gets to $400 a month I’ll make sure to write at least one chapter every month for the fiction fans. I know that might not seem like very much, but the goal forces me to do it no matter what. It also makes it easier to argue with the teen when she tells me to blow off my work, because she likes when I buy her things. Anyway, the link is still Nina in the Patreon logo shirt. She’s right there on the sidebar.

Okay, comic stuff. One of the things I like most about Jessie is her willingness to take on whatever new project presents itself and then go way too far with it. People like this are very important in the world. They tend to have an initial burst of intention that drops away sharply. That’s where the support classes come in. People like Jo are slower to act, but keep acting continuously. When paired with a quick starter they become a formidable team. As one starts to lose faith the other supports them, helps to drive them forward. Complimentary personalities are very good in every day life. Figuring out your class can help you get further in life by gathering classes that support you.
I am like Jo. I work slowly, but continuously. There are rarely bursts of activity. I work well with quick starters. Thomas is the same kind of person as me (obviously) and therefore has a kinship with Jo. Which is probably why she sees him as a brother more than anything else. Carol is a doer. She rarely instigates a plan, but will carry out a plan, without deviation, once she buys in. A very important kind of person when you need things to stay on course. Reggie is similar, although he has a streak of leadership trying to manifest, he’s just not good at people yet. Ed is also a doer, which is why initially he butted heads with Carol, but ultimately became her friend. John thinks of himself as a doer, but in reality his personality is in flux. He doesn’t know his class, so he chose one that he thought was right. Not consciously, but he chose it. Of course no personality is as cut and dry as a class system. These are just broad strokes and trends that can be easily seen in people.

The Teen’s brother, Stone Cold, gave me his broken PS3. He already bought a replacement, so I can pretty much do whatever I like with it. Apart from the disc drive the thing is fine. It runs a little hot, but it runs. Netflix, and that sort of thing, work just fine and I don’t feel bad about leaving it on like I do with my Xbox. Anyway, I looked up some repair instructions for this model of PS3 and it looks like I should be able to replace the disc reader. I just have to remove the old one and put in a new one. I checked the types that can go into a PS3 and ordered one. Hopefully I’ll be able to do the relatively simple procedure and get a functional, if not perfect, system out of the deal.
Strangely it took a long time to convince the system that I had a playstation account. I tried for the better part of an hour before it decided I was who I said I was. After that I was able to update the store and load Netflix. I also have some spare controllers to try and fix. I might pirate parts from the ones I cant to replace parts in the Teen’s controllers. One of them seems not to hold a charge very long anymore. I suspect I can trade the battery out.
I don’t have a charging cord for the controllers though. I’m going to have to take the old one that’s too short for the Teen’s room. My room is much shorter so I don’t need as long a wire.
Anyway, if I get the thing running you guys could potentially add me to your playstation friends list. I’ve had my account ever since I bought my PSP, I just never used it for a regular console before. I think it’s betweenfailures… I don’t know if capitalization is important.