1268 Dragon Age.


I debated the transition between this page and the last for a while but eventually landed on not letting the last line from the previous page linger, by way of Jo moving on before Jess could get too embarrassed. I felt like it was too much of a Thomas/Carol interaction and although these two have some similarities to them their relationship is not the same. Jo certainly does have a sense of romanticism, and wonder, but there is a timid aspect to her personality that manifest in a different way than in Thomas. In any event I got up early to make a slight change to this page because I felt like Jo wasn’t properly transitioning. I thought about it a long time last night after I got the page ready for tonight and finally made a choice on the matter in time to set it up before I get on the road.

I can’t remember for sure if any character has actually stated their age in the comic itself. I know that I have given various answers to the question at different times. Early on Jo was going to be 19 at the start of the comic, but I never really set any of that in stone. The ratio of ages has been pretty consistent in my mind. Jo is the youngest by a bit, then the twins and Reggie, Mike and Carol, and then Thomas and Nina as the oldest cast members. About a 7 year age range from youngest to oldest. I’ve fiddled with some of the timing as things have gone on to fit more or less with this, but not bothered to make a big deal about it. I expect there will always be someone around to call me on it anyway. I can George Lucas it as I see fit.

The Teen has entered return to school depression times. We are not allowed to speak the words, as it is scarcely two weeks until next term. In this I am sympathetic. I hated school as a kid. In spite of being someone who loves to learn I hated going to school for many reasons. Crippling shyness was high on the list, but also the modern schools system’s failure to make learning seem like something worthwhile. It makes no sense that something as innate to humans as learning can be so expertly disincentivized. Other people have inspiring stories about teachers who made a difference in their lives. I can barely remember most of mine. Most of what I do recall is not stellar. I liked my high school art teachers as people, and my journalism coach was a good guy. That’s about all I can say. I did a lot of learning on my own in most classes and failed at math because math isn’t something that I’ve ever been able to teach myself. Unfortunately no other human has had much luck, or inclination, either.
As far as the Teen goes, I’m not sure. She certainly has the same bad attitude that has plagued my mother’s side of the family for a generation. What engenders this is beyond my ability to speculate, but most of the grandkids seem to have it to one degree or another.

Possible spoilers for Trans4mers

I took the Teen to Trans4mers on Sunday. She and her friend liked it a lot. I liked it more than I liked Transformers 3 AND 2… and 1 if I’m honest. It’s not much better of a movie, but the cast was more tolerable than the first 3. Marky Mark can make pretty much any turd watchable. Pain And Gain is a notable exception. That movie is a desiccated pile. Yet I did watch it to the end… Anyway, the movie is held up by compelling actors somehow making a terrible script tolerable. Evil Fraisher is a believable bad guy in as much as any character in a transformer film is believable. There was more robot interaction, which was good, unfortunately the robots are unlikable on average and, in keeping with Bayformer tradition, a little racist. The Dinobots are barely characters at all, in spite of them being a major seeling point of the film. Strangely, however, they were the most true to the source feeling characters in any of the films. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad because it was their unbelievable and cartoonish animation that made me feel that way. Their robot modes were barely visible at any point and they don’t look even a bit like their Technicolor toy counterparts. My biggest animation complaint was the faux transformers “flying blocks” maneuver. Whoever okayed that shit needs a sharp slap to the botty.
Anyway, I went in to the film hopeful but left ultimately disappointed that I didn’t use my money for something better. As I said before, the Teen enjoyed herself and Teen 2 thought the movie was fan-effing-tastic. Which made me a little envious of the average. Being too smart for your own good has its down sides sometimes.