1256 Much Love.


On the off chance you haven’t seen the Animal Crossing creepypasta I wrote here is a link.



I came so close to a perfect run on State Of Decay. I had saved every person up till the last HVT, but then the game wouldn’t give me the extraction mission. So I had to wait and wait, hoping that the game would actually let me end the playthrough without it being a game over. When it finally sorted itself out it spawned a rescue mission in an infested location. The survivor was dead by the time I ran to the door. TOTAL BULLSHIT. In addition to that I got scolded for letting another mission fail, except the mission never actually spawned. It was invisible to me, so I couldn’t complete it. I still got a really good score, but I was kind of soured on the game after so many bugs kept screwing me over. I might go back to it when the angry subsides.
This time around things were very different than before. I had no special teammates, and zombies kept getting into the compound. It was really weird. I’ve only ever had a zombie get into the LZ one other time that I observed, outside a siege mission. On that occasion it managed to kill a survivor because my whole team was asleep AT THE SAME TIME. What kind of CO would let that happen? Not a very good one. Anyway it was weird after so many times playing where the zombies rarely came down further than the off ramp leading to the base. I had special infected and walkers strolling around constantly. Of course my guys managed to keep everyone safe, so it wasn’t a big deal, but still.
I also found out that you can stand in this one place inside the LZ and whip grenades and stuff into a place where zombies spawn rapidly. The upside of doing this is that if you have a gun out at the same time it counts every kill towards your shooting stat. Meaning that if you have a lot of grenades, firebombs, or what have you, you can max out the stat pretty quick. Of course I don’t want them to fix this so I’m not telling anyone who might. One glitch in my favor is at least something to offset the ones that aren’t. The downside to doing that is that if you use grenades that actually explode it brings in zombies from everyplace. So you have to make sure they don’t attack the base from the other side while you’re cheaply thinning the herd. I got really good at shooting this last time. I’m usually pretty terrible at that sort of thing, but I did it so much this time I actually managed to learn how to keep my cool when I needed to. Which led to the siege missions going way better than usual. Instead of wasting grenades on single zombies that were about to break down the gates I was able to help pick them off and save explosives for bigger threats.
I’ve certainly gotten my 7 bucks worth out of the game, no question about that.