1251 The Flood.


This page had a few ending lines before I settled on this one. They were all on the spectrum of this sort of sexual “grossness”. I was trying my best to ride the line between too much and just enough. I guess we’ll see how I did tonight. Boys, if you don’t get the joke ask a friend who has had a serious girlfriend. You are woefully ill prepared for your future.

This is not the last we’ll see of this sort of thing, but it is for a while. We’re switching to a little video game inspired interaction between Thomas and Carol. It was sort of inspired by a friend of mine. Her tumblr feed has been overrun with images from a certain game series that will become apparent on Monday.

Tomorrow, by which I mean Friday, we’re going to collect yet another one of the teen’s friends to stay for a week. So that’s what I’ll be doing, and likely tweeting about tomorrow. Look forward to it.