1250 Shelf Life.


It might interest you to know that the Teen made me adjust the colors of Alex’s costume. She was pestering me while I was working and demanded that I change it till it suited her. On my drawscreen it looked fine, but when I looked at it on the regular one there was a distinct blue tint to some of the purple. It really irritated her, so I sat there and changed it till she said it was okay. She has very clear ideas about what she likes as far as fashion is concerned. Our only major disagreement is animal prints. I detest them. They are so rarely done well. She loves them, and I give her crap about it quite a bit. There’s actually very little of it in her current wardrobe, but what little there is I dislike. Cheetah spots are the worst and zebra stripes are about as good as animal prints get, IMO. That said, if it’s part of a cohesive outfit they aren’t a problem, but you can’t just throw animal prints in with random clothes and expect them to look good.

The Teen actually asks me my opinion about clothes a lot because I often forget to be tactful in those situations, especially if she springs it on me when I’m doing something else. She seems to like those snap reactions. I expect because they are genuine, and everyone else tends to tell her everything looks fine.

She’s go a weird hang up about t-shirts. Will hardly wear them in public. She swears they look weird on her, but I can’t figure out what that entails specifically. They just look like t-shirts to me.

She never comments on my wardrobe apart to say that it’s the same thing all the time, which it is. I subscribe to the cartoon school of fashion, which means I find a thing I like and buy copies of it. Some people might think I wear the same clothes every day, but that’s not the case. Sometimes I switch up my undershirts just to throw people off.

The Teen read her first comic collection the other day. She couldn’t make it through a single thing I owned, but she read all of the first Deadpool collection. At least the first numbered volume they had at the store anyway. My mother bought it for her and was really annoyed at how little you got for $15. I have to say I understand why they cost so much, but that expense is certainly part of why I don’t bother with Marvel or DC anymore.