1249 Power Of The Dark Side.


This is one of those pages that started out okay, but got improved exponentially by inspiration. I happened to see a little article about Star Wars just before I started inking and this came to me. After a few minor modifications this strange amalgam was born. X3

A reader told me that since I created Between Failures fathers day was also for me, and I instantly saw, in my mind, the face of my own father if I had been foolish enough to say something like that in his presence. XD He’s never been one to tolerate flowery sentiment. They’d been married for a decade before he even started signing his name to cards for my mother, and for hi that was a huge show of affection. I don’t think they make men like him anymore. If they do I’ve not encountered one other than him. Probably why the world is considerably more fucked up that it was when I was a kid. I wouldn’t have left things in my generations hands…
It should come as no surprise that the Teen has not been cheery today. Against my mother’s better judgement she is alone at her father’s grave as I type this from my phone. Her sister will probably be along shortly, but she wanted some alone time. We left her out there with her backpack, which I supported against my better judgement. I’m the custodian of her father’s knives now, but you never know. I just decided trusting her was the right thing to do and went with it.
When I gave dad his present he said “Well, bless your heart. You’re a good kid, even if you are worthless.” Which, while not spoken with any particular malice, perfectly encapsulates our relationship. Still, passive aggressive dad is better than no dad, so I’m not gonna complain.