1246 Caramel Kiss.


The other day when I wanted art opinions it was about Jo’s Caramel Kiss outfit. The first version was mostly white, kind of like some things I’d seen that were thematically similar in the MLP cosplay community. The version I went with was what the consensus of artistic opinion was. I thought it gave the look of a “closet cosplay” kind of. Of course it would be unlikely that these items came from Alex’s closet, since she’s at least 3 Brooksies worth of woman. In any case, however she found them, they look cute on Jo. That was also the consensus of artistic opinion. Before anyone asks, I am going to release a full size version of P2 when I have a chance to clean it up a bit. I was also thinking about seeing if one of my artistic friends could help me design an Crusader Kittens logo, since I am terrible at that sort of thing.

That background in panel 2 is me doing my best to imitate MLP:FIM’s visual style. It went okay. Speaking of MLP, my account finally got banned from the Hasbro gaming thing on the iPad. My hacking of their unrepentant cash grab was the apparent cause. It’s hard to feel bad about it, since I experienced what little there is to experience and didn’t pay a thousand dollars for the privilege. Their pricing structure is unforgivable, and greedy. Unfortunately microtransactions have turned much of the casual gaming into a hellscape. We all fell for it, and it became the new normal. What fools we’ve been.

Well, maybe that’s a bit too bleak. The MLP game is just a shining example of how to treat your fans like garbage. There have been positive things about the move to microtransactions. I can’t cite any, but I’m sure there must be some. In any case, that’s the end of the game for me. I feel like I got my revenge for the loss of my original save file, and maybe a little retribution for their shitty business practices in general.