1247 Fifty Percent Warmer.


The true adorable beauty od Alexandria has been obscured for a long time. For me, however, it’s always been present. Since I have to draw her face in properly to make sure everything matches up I’ve known the whole time. Some people bought in right away, but some needed to see her the way I do… As a hot librarian cosplayer.

I’ve had some pretty crazy zombie dreams since I’ve been playing State Of Decay: Lifeline. That game really captures the menace of being in an unsafe environment and apparently my brain has responded to it. I’ve had at least one dream that was a lifelike recreation of the scenario. My dreams tend to be remembered the same way I store memory, which is in kind of a third person/first person mix. The realistic dream was in hard first, like how I experience life, in the moment. It was rare in that I woke up genuinely scared and it took me a few moments to realize where I was. I’m glad that doesn’t happen very often.

I felt weirdly nostalgic the other morning. In recent times I’ve kind of actively tried not to indulge that part of my personality. In my youth I had a tendency to be nostalgic to the point of it being destructive. Which is weird since when you’re young you have so little to be nostalgic about… Anyway, I’ve been feeling isolated recently, which is weird because I have the teen around constantly and also her friends. I guess it’s more of a professional isolation. I’m just not connecting with people that have things in common with me. It’s kind of hard to say I need some grown up friends, since my actually hobbies are drawing, comics, and video games, but that’s kind of how it is for my generation. We brought our childhoods with us. So now we are super serious about the ending to Mass Effect 3 (which I still have not finished.) I dunno, this usually passes once I’m deep in a storyline I’m enjoying. This part is kind of connective and gives me too much time to be in my own head.

There was an incident at the store today. It was a toilet incident. I won’t describe it, but I was emotionally scarred.