1222 I Melt With You.


The Teen’s play went well. She did a very good job in spite of being scared. I was very proud of her. I don’t know if she’ll ever want to do it again, but at the very least she tried her best this time.

Her sister stayed the whole weekend, so they had lots of quality sister time. What that amounts to is a mystery to me. At least part of it involved bedazzling jeans.

I spent my time watching instructional videos about Manga Studio while working on comics. I think it makes my lines look much better, but it’s always been too much of a jump for me to use it. I’m thinking about switching over at some point though. At least for sketching and inking. Honestly if I could grab bag features from both programs it would be perfect. I guess the best anyone can hope for is having access to both. I’m using Manga Studio 4 because it was on sale at one point. They might be up to 5 or 6 by now. I didn’t check.

I’ve also been looking in to some sort of mobile drawing solution. I spend such a huge amount of time with the Teen it would really be useful if I could work at the same time. At the very least have images I could easily import into the comic at any rate. I’m just not sure what thing I should be saving for. By the time I have enough there might be some thing else as well… It is a puzzlement.

My knuckle that I bent funny has been hurting. It didn’t hurt when I actually hurt it, after the initial injury, but now it’s sore and swollen. Not sure what that’s about. It doesn’t affect my drawing. I only notice it when I do random tasks like picking up water jugs or what have you. it doesn’t seem broken, but I don’t know what a broken knuckle would be like, so maybe this is exactly how it is. In any case I’ll see if it gets better and ask someone about it when I can.