1223 For, Like, A Second.


It’s just been nonstop doing shit for two weeks. I really need there to be some calm times between in order to work on the comic effectively. Realistically though, it’s never going to stop. I just have to learn how to become even better at managing my time, working smarter, and trying to do better. If nothing else the extra Patreon money is helping me out. I very much appreciate the extra mile the Patreon supporters are going to. I hope I can do something special for you at some point soon.

The Teen finally tried to read Hellboy, JTHM, and Squee. She did not succeed. She went in with a lot of bravado, but Hellboy is too nuanced and JTHM is too dense. That said, she really loves when I just retell the comic stories to her that I know. I have recounted a Wikipedia of Deadpool information and explained, as best my memory will allow, the Death of Superman story. A story which blew her mind. She made many of the same arguments I remember hearing at the time like “That’s fucking stupid, why would you kill Superman?” and “They brought him back that fast!?” Okay, not arguments per se. Maybe reactions? In any event I don’t actually own the collected Death Of Supes. I have Infinite Crisis. I don’t remember why anymore. No, wait, Crisis On Infinite Earths. Anyway, I’m going to try something a little more mainstream as far as comics go. HB and JTHM might have just been too much for a new potential enthusiast. I guess i’ll see how Long Halloween fairs and just play it from there…

By the way, thanks for the Surface pro information and whatnot. I appreciate it.

Also, are any of you guys seeing the Manga Studio things I post to Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter? Are those doing anything for you? I think inking in Studio might really improve the art quality around here. I’ve been really studying a lot about it.