1209 Trepidation.


Once again I can’t remember what time the server thinks it is versus what time it is where I am. It’s the most irritating thing about daylight savings for me.

Anyway, since my headphones are kind of messed up I set my old sound system back up. I say sound system, but really it’s a mini screen for a PS1 that has a headphone jack and audio inputs on the back. I used it for years because no television I had actually had an out jack and I still needed to play quietly. So I’ve returned to this classic system. I wonder how hard it would be to just build some kind of small device that would serve the same function. This thing is way too big and requires an outside power source. I think I have all the tools a person would need to do such a thing, I just need to know how to find out the how. of course this might just be the first chapter in the story of how I electrocuted myself. XD

I have a signal splitter for older TVs, but I’m going to try and use that in the Teen’s room so she can play Wii without switching cords. Mostly because she’s a danger to herself and appliances when she touches things… Also because I end up having to do it otherwise, and I am lazy.

I played Assassin’s Creed 3 for a while yesterday. I finally started to understand how the game flows and whatnot. It’s very Arkham city, or rather Arkham is very Assassin’s Creed, now that I’ve actually played it. It’s a huge daunting map and I’m not sure if I’m supposed to kill couriers or not… I have been, but it seems like kind of a dick move. I feel like I missed the story of why I’m doing this dirty deed. I’d feel better about it if I knew they were jerks. Kind of like how I only pickpocket drunks and people who also appear to be stealing. It’s a neat game and much less depressing than State Of Decay, which I love, but can only play it for so long before it starts to affect my mood. It’s pretty bleak, and even more so in the Breakdown DLC. The only ending is basically how long you can go without dying, so yeah…

I’d still love to see more of it and more DLC though. It’s also be great if the in game dialog was less repetitive…