1195 Learning.


Sure, he likes Mike, but it’s important that there’s still a little fear there. XD

I had a splitting headache today, so I decided to transfer my Wii into my WiiU. The pair takes up too much space, and I rarely use the Wii anyway. I just want to finish a few DL games on it and be done with it really. It’s pretty disappointing that the Wii shop and the WiiU one aren’t combined, but Nintendo really has trouble with internets, so I guess I just have to accept that. I want to finish the Strong Bad games, and Final Fantasy 4 After Story, or whatever it is. Will I ever? Who can say? But I did do the transfer, so there’s that at least.

It was a movie extravaganza with the Teen this weekend. RIPD, Zombieland, and The Wolverine. They were all good, which is totally old news, but whatever, they were new to me.

Someone said they wanted to see the One Piece figures I got. I didn’t want to mess with trying to take pictures since they always suck so I stole two from the internet. Please don’t do that, and also credit the source. I hope you can forgive my transgression.



That’s the variant Nami too, so the color is the same as mine. I really like the Usop from the set Robin comes from. Hopefully I can find one. I’d settle fro his time skip outfit if I had to. I think the Zolo from the set Nami is from is the one I want of him. Guess we’ll see what I can do about that.

What with the Pokémon Bank being released I decided to breed myself a dream team to take all across the new game. I didn’t want to get to the end and find out they were rejects though. Apparently the breeding system is very complex now. You can end up with monsters that never really amount to much, just like with people. X3 So I asked around a bit to see what the minimum was that I could do to get at least above average pokemon. A kind reader took pity on me and traded me a shiny Japanese Ditto. Apparently with an item held it will transfer a minimum of 5 superior stats to any babies it has. So that’s what I’m gonna do. Breed a little team of all my favorites that will be a little better than average hopefully. I’ve accidentally had a few abnormally strong Pokémon over the years. The Salamence (sp?) that I had names Snarl was a pure monster. That’s why I featured him in the old one shot I did. A link would be here, but I don’t know where it is… Anyway I want to play the new game with what I want to use instead of all scattershot. Then I can just fill pokedex holes or ad new monsters to the team as I find them.