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I’ve said it before, but I like mike. I like writing for him, where he’s going as a character, how lost he is in a system that isn’t kind to good people. I empathize with his story. In spite of himself Thomas likes him too. I’ve certainly been in that position, but I was never as good at saving people as Thomas. I saw a lot of decent people broken by the power structure of the retail environment. It’s a structure that has contributed, in no small way, to the decline of American excellence. I sincerely hope a generation is coming up now that will cast aside the degenerative notions of profit before service. Or, failing that, at least find a better balance between the two.

One of my older relations passed the other day. Mom and dad went up north to pay their respects, which leaves me in charge of the Teen. I shuttled her to therapy, then to the store, and finally to Pizza Hut for dinner. In spite of the less than stellar road cleanup the state of Colorado saw fit to leave us with no major accidents occurred. (although I did almost get stuck in the school parking lot…) My truck got us there and back again.

Pokémon Bank went live for my area yesterday, so I spent some time transferring last generations monsters to the next. The system is far from perfect, but at least the effort of catching the old ones wasn’t totally lost. If you follow my twitter feed you’ll know that pokemon that have the word king as the first part of their name can’t be transferred. Or at least not always. My Kingdra and Kingler sit, devastated, on my copy of pokemon white… Several random pokemon were flagged as suspicious. Like a ratatta. Who the heck makes a fake ratatta? I don’t remember making a fake ratatta, but whatever… I may go ahead and buy a pass if I ever need one. $5 for a year is not a bad deal. I may not need it though, so I’ll wait out the 30 day trial and see how it goes as far as catching them all is concerned. I hope they give you enough room to store at least one of every monster. If not them I call shenanigans on Nintendo for the Pokebank. Until I know for sure I’m holding off on it though…

If you hadn’t seen it Hiveworks, my host, got attacked again, which left the old malware alerts on chrome and firefox. As before it’s nothing. Just clear your cache. It should be gone in a day or so. Let me know if anything actually goes wrong.

Thanks to those of you who pledged money on Patreon. Especially those of you who pledged more than a dollar. I didn’t think it would let you do that, but I appreciate it none the less. I hope I continue to meet your expectations. Please let me know if there are any reward ideas you might have. There was almost no feedback on that front. I intend to put a permanent link up as soon as I can.

They made zombie Call Of Duty mega bloks. I had to get a set. My intention is to get some of the COD guys and paint them to look like the cast of State Of Decay. I need a Marcus figure because he was the most badass guy ever.

Anyway that’s about all I can think of and the Teen is demanding I watch movies with her. I was only able to escape long enough to make sure the post went live on time. Hope you guys have a safe weekend, what with this snow and whatnot all over. Make good choices!