1177 Oh No You Don’t.


Okay, unless I’m mistaken, my Nintendo Network ID is BetweenFailures. So If you want to send a friend thing you can. I have no idea what you can do as my friend, but there you go.

I’m still in a sour mood over having my archive posted on another site. It irritates me to no end knowing that someone is getting money, no matter how little, because of my work. It fills me with rage.

That said, I would like to share with you how I found out.

King Honkey:
not sure if you should be proud or insulted lol BUUUUT

your comic just got uploaded to a hentai Gallery website….as Non-Hentai LOL

Jackie Thomas Wohlenhaus:
God, why would anyone bother? It’s already on my own site. How did you even find it?

King Honkey:
Lol how else

Jackie Thomas Wohlenhaus:
Fair enough… XD

King Honkey, as I have named him, is one of the people I actually worked with at the stores Between Failures is based on, and he has always wanted rule 34 of Jolene mostly, but I keep not drawing any. XD