1165 Sammich.


Thanksgiving was fine, in case you were curious. As festive as it could have been under the circumstances.

Unfortunately I came home to a dying cat. Our 20ish year old Siamese, Claws, is not long for this world. He’s been deteriorating for a while now. He’s crazy old for a cat. Literally. He hasn’t been right in the head for a while. Apparently cats get dementia too at advanced ages. He still managed to make it to his food plate every day, but now he can’t really walk. I brought him his food but now he doesn’t seem to be able to eat or drink. He’s just old and unhappy. If it hadn’t been for him picking the holiday to check out I probably would have had him euthanized. Rather than this sad mess.

I had been hoping to do some catch up work this weekend since everyone was gone, but fuck me, I guess.

Unless he, or one of his brothers, fathered some unknown kittens the line ends with him. That’s the saddest thing about it all to me. His line were all super nice cats. They lived a good long time and were mostly disease free. They came from my uncle Jason’s original cats. When he died the cats were dispersed across our family. Caws is one of those cats who loves people who are allergic to cats. He thought my friend Chris was the best person in the world. Chris liked him a lot too, in spite of getting red, watery, eyes and sneezing every time Claws would wallow in his lap.

We probably won’t get another cat. Five dogs is more than enough pets.

They finally released the DLC for State Of Decay. I don’t have time for it right now, but I got it so I could have it downloaded and ready for when I do. It was pretty cheap, and looks to be something that will take a lot of time to fully enjoy. I played a few minutes just to get the feel of it and it really kicks up the fear factor. I absolutely felt like I was fucked right from the start. Zeds are everywhere and aggressive. On top of that your stamina depletes faster. It is really easy to get overwhelmed at level one. It’s also not safe at your first base. I joined up with a group at a farmhouse with pretty good defenses, but a group of zombies attacked and NOBODY came outside to help. I tried running inside, but it didn’t help. By the time anyone decided to give a shit it was too late. First death was within ten minutes of starting. I never died in the original game when it wasn’t on purpose; to clear out dead weight from a compound. The Breakdown DLC is relentless. There were hoards attacking the base from the second I joined and they showed no sign of stopping when I quit. There were also two or three missions spawning from the second I got to the base. It basically never stops if my 15 minute test was any indication.

Apparently after you do certain objectives it unlocks “hero” characters for you to play as in subsequent games. The images are blanked out but they seem to be the named characters from the story mode of the original game. So now we’ll all finally be able to play as Allan Gunderson, the dick you fantasize about killing for the first part of the story. Pastor Will also seems to be an option. It’s good to see a fatty represented as a possible survivor of the zombie uprising.

Anyway, I’ll probably tell you about my exploits as they happen, if they are worth talking about. Even if they aren’t it’s still a possibility, if I’m honest…