1143 Rage Quit


A storm knocked the power out for a couple of hours after sunset, which nearly sent the teen into convulsions. She is terrified of the dark. Luckily I thought to charger her phone in the truck and always keep my handhelds charged in case of boring emergencies. We played Mario Kart DS until the power came back online. (She also texted between rounds, which is boring.)

I got a nice, cheap, set of Community season 1 and talked the Teen into watching it with me. She then requested that we watch more of it the following evening, so it’s as near a hit as it gets with her. We also watched Are You Afraid Of The Dark and Awkward at various points because mom enabled her Amazon Prime account on the Teen’s PS3.

I took the Teen to a local used book store a while back. We’d never been in, but they had a lot of very cheap books. About a dollar an item in fact, so we left with a very tall stack of reading material for her. I don’t read much anymore. I prefer to have books read to me. To that end I have dipped my toes back into the works of Terry Pratchet by way of my friend Amber. She sent me the audiobooks for, like, 7 Discworld books. (Some of which I’ve already read, but long forgotten.)

The Teen is reading The Giver for school and reporting her findings to me as well. It sounds like a fucking downer to me, but it seems to be making her think, so that’s good. I’d just as soon not read heavy message books anymore. I got that shit out of my system already and have no desire to delve into imaginary suffering beyond what webcomics bring me. (And movies to a lesser degree.)

That said, Thomas gets a little emo for a while here, but I think the drama is worth it to make the characters even more real. Maybe a little too real. I’ll let you guys make the call on that one. If nothing else he’s realistically flawed, and in a way I’ve never seen in fiction, so maybe this will be a new thing for you all. I hope you can at least enjoy the character development if not the actual actions that lead to it.