1114 Boomerang.


I may as well warn you now that there may not be fantasy story updates this week and possibly the next. That isn’t set in stone, but I just want those of you who like them to be emotionally prepared for it.This dissatisfaction with the last update has halted progress by way of being reevaluated. My schedule is in such complete upheaval at the moment that I’m not getting things done in a timely manner. Hopefully when my cousin starts school it will force a pattern to take rather than this random ass horseshit that’s been going on for… fucking ever it seems like. Anyway, the comic itself should continue updating as normal. It’s only the extra stuff that’s going to be affected for a while. That said, if you cast your eyes down to the underblog you will see the various character sketches I have done for the Julius Drywood story so far.

I’ve also been having these crazy ass dreams that I haven’t had time to write down right away, so they’ve been lost to time now. You’ll just have to believe me that they have been weird even by my standards. I’ll try to remember the next one if I can. The only thin I remember about the last one was airships and needing a specific poster of a rock band.

I dunno either.