1074 More Than Anything.


Well, about half the usual readers are still lost at this point. With some of the old RSS feeds broken I have no way to contact them if, in fact, that’s where most of them were coming from. If there’s anything else I can do I don’t know what it would be. I just have to wait for thousands of people to miss reading the continuing adventures of my motley crew. I am vexed about the whole affair, but resigned to my fate. Every so often life just punches us in the junk, giggles, and runs away.

I’m sure that seems a bit whiny, but losing a lot of readers is equivalent to you having part of your paycheck swatted out of your hand. Not only do I enjoy interacting with those of you who talk to me from time to time, comment on the comic, or what have you, but as a group you are all a valuable commodity. Attention is currency online.

If we’re honest attention is currency in general. A lot of the way things are monetized is based on it. Even the smallest child understands, at its most instinctual level, that attention is valuable. In many ways our entire culture, and most cultures on earth right now, are embracing the idea that getting the most attention the fastest way possible is the best way to achieve success. Which is why during disasters some people run, others help, and a growing number document. You can monetize interest. Competition for that attention has caused the news media to, essentially, go batshit insane trying to retain it.

That’s all as may be… the long and short of it is that I am now in the attention business and circumstances have moved eyes away from my content. I’d never given it much thought until recently. I’m not totally thrilled with this reality, but I have to accept it. I am an attention seeker. An entertainer.

That said, I like that this setup requires so little from the viewer. It’s kind of like how TV used to be. You have to tolerate some advertisements, but for the most part you just look at this story without having to pay for anything other than net service. Chances are you have that for reasons other than reading comics. Comics are just a bonus.