1808 Million Dollar Man.


Well, my eyes are basically fine. I’ve got shit floating around in one but it’s normal floating around shit, it’s just larger than usual. In fact, my prescription is less strong than it used to be because my nearsightedness is being counteracted by my eyes aging. I’ll have to find a new pair of glasses, which is always a bitch, but there’s nothing terrible going on with my eyes. So that’s good. I got some eyedrops that’s got an antihistamine, but I may have to stop using it. I got a bad pain over one eye after I used it, but I can’t tell if it was a coincidence or the eye drops. I’m just going to put them in one eye & see what happens. If I get a headache again I won’t use them anymore and talk to the eye doctor, I guess.

Dragon Quest Builders comes out on the Switch tonight. I decided to preorder it so it loaded already it just needs to be unlocked. I assume it will unlock at midnight. The demo was really good, so I’m looking forward to it. Probably won’t be able to play it tonight, but still.

I slept more or less normally last night. It was on the floor of my old room, but after trying to sleep in the Teen’s old room it was fucking glorious. The room doesn’t feel all fucking slanted, which bothers me a lot more than I ever realized apparently. I can also lay down in my bed if my hip starts to bother me too. It didn’t last night and my ribcage didn’t feel all out of place when I woke up, which was also a gift. I had a headache for the entire day, but it was easy to deal with since I wasn’t also dealing with every other fucking thing from sleeping poorly. Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep normally again tonight & I’ll start feeling better for real. Fingers crossed.