1015 I Know.


There you go. A little wrap up for this part so we can switch to some other characters for a bit. My insane embracelust continues unabated.

My final issue of Nintendo Power has not arrived. It always comes super late for some reason, but I guess that’s not a concern anymore. I’m wondering if it’s going to get here at all at this point, but whatever. I was always bad about getting subscriptions to publications that failed right after I did. Madballs was the first. I have a complete run up till the last issue, which I seem to remember never showing up. After that it was Ghostbusters when it was published by NOW Comics. The issues started coming every other one in the last 3 months. After that it was EGM, which did well for a long time. Not so much with its spinnoff publications. I’m not sure when I started getting Nintendo Power, but I know when I stopped. When the coverage shifted away from Gamecube and went exclusively Wii I finally let it go. I didn’t get a Wii till well after it was out, so the magazine was kind of pointless. Of course by then all magazines were pretty pointless. There was nothing in them that wasn’t OFN by the time it got to you. I renewed my sub to Nintendo Power for nostalgia as much as anything else. I always liked the general style of it. I certainly wasn’t surprised when it announced it was done though.

I pretty much get my gaming news by happenstance now. Someone says something on Twitter, or wherever, and I go looking. Nintendo also has a decent mailing list you can get on. It basically lists new releases, but that’s about all I need from them since they kind of stick to their main titles. It’s Mario, it’s Zelda, you don’t really need to read about them. Anything outside Nintendo is anyone’s guess. I hate Xbox’s emails. They have the same clinical fakey friend style everything Microsoft does. It’s like getting mail from a friend who really wants to be the cool kid you know, but he’s trying so hard it’ll never happen, with an undercurrent of being written by a robot posing as a human. I don’t have a PS3 so I haven’t paid attention to them for… years, I guess. I have a link to Kotaku, but it’s barely a news site. It’s neat to look at, but I haven’t found out anything useful from them in the time I’ve been aware of it.

The online magazine still hasn’t figured it out. Shit, the online dictionary can’t even sort itself out half the time. It’s gonna be a while before someone figures out how to do it right. Or at least in a way that I don’t think sucks. XD I have an idea of what I would want, but no skill, or expertise to make it happen. Doing that would be a job for a team. People who would need to be paid. The longer you think about it the more complex it is. No one has unlocked the code just yet… IGN has really usefull walkthroughs though. They have that sorted to a point where I can tolerate most of how they set themselves up. Makes me wonder how that affects (effects?) sales of strategy guides. I wonder if it will lead to a war between publishers and websites, or if they’ll eventually just be destroyed by the net the way magazines were…