1014 That Long.


I went ahead and renumbered a bunch of pages so the Nina and Carol bit doesn’t end till there’s some solid emotional closure. It’s going to be a mess renumbering the source files, but I think this is best all around. I just shifted the one page on Monday, but looking at it now I feel like this is the way to go.

The microwave quit working two days ago. It’s pretty strange not having one after years of always having one available. I forgot what it was like to have to plan meals to include cooking time. I have also noticed that stuff cooked in the stove, even if it’s made for cooking in a microwave, tastes better. So now I’m like “maybe I’ll just use the stove from now on…” XD The night before it quit I put something in it and it just turned the thing but didn’t make it warm. Which is what happens to me with the dryer a lot of times. So I was like “Not you too…” Then the next day I tried to make dinner and it just turned off and smelled like burning. So that was a pretty clear indicator that things were over between us.

I have a toaster oven someplace. My sister got it for me. It made a lot of toast back when I was working retail I can tell you. I know that’s not what it means by toaster oven, but it made really good toast. Why fight it, you know? Actually it was more like garlic bread, but that’s basically toast. Anyway I think I still have it and I think it still works. I know it works more or less the same way as an oven, but it seems a shame to heat the whole oven for a little brick of frozen food. Of course some of them say clearly not to use a toaster oven, so that’s right out. I wonder why they work in regular ones and not little ones. Maybe they didn’t have room for detailed instructions and chose not to chance people burning their shit down for a pot pie. If so that’s very reasonable of them. I’m glad ConAgra or whoever has my well being in mind.